From this blog, by Grace of Allah we have started the category of our most hardworking and dedicated Juniors and Students. These individuals are actually the backbone of the organization. KCO is truly blessed to have such a priceless young blood. It is humbly requested to our readers that please read these blogs and do remember to post the encouraging comments. Your encouragements will greatly be useful for these individuals.

This is the 13th of KCO’s blog series. this blog is written by Mr. Muhammad Nabeel Ahmed.

Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen every day.

“I have gain one utensil from life that no one flails the mankind whenever he himself admire the beatup” (Allama Iqbal East)

There were many humans who lost their lives because they had no hope. Our lives are infused with pain and suffering. Some people experience more of these regrettable symptoms of the human condition than others. Yet, we can overcome hardship with hope.

Perhaps an unanticipated ending of a marriage or an unforeseen job loss when on a Friday afternoon, after you’ve worked long hours on a project, your boss, calling you into his office, asks you to sit, and saying, “You are fired “. Hope motivates us to persevere and burst lights out of darkness to continue journey forward despite the obstacles blocking the trail of life and not knowing how, or when, or where, or why our life’s story will conclude.

Hope includes three elements

  • A belief
  • A goal
  • A path

The person who is hopeful believes that he will succeed. A belief is a strong element in a hope. Secondly, Individual must has specific goal(s) or direction/destinations.  Anybody without setting goal of life all efforts are meaningless. Thirdly, we need to take correct route or path to achieve the desired outcome.

Keeping the hope alive at most times is basically a mindset altogether. The will and determination to believe that you’ll overcome whatever comes in the way. If you are having hope firm on your side, then at times, it enables you to view the map of the route on how to achieve the desired outcome.

According to me, hope is neither a wishful thinking, nor it is day-dreaming. It is a mixture of many small feelings and notions like emotion, mindset, belief and motivation. It provides a firm resilience against setbacks, obstacles, hardships and misfortune.

My belief on the subject has a personal linkage as well. There had been a particular time in my life when I felt lost completely. At that time, a very respected and loving personality, who for me is greater than the teacher and a mentor has helped me and gave me hope to stand up and fight. I will remain be indebted to Mr. Atiq Ur Rehman for this at all times to come. May Allah bless him all the happiness and glory of this universe.

Muhammad Nabeel Ahmed