This is the 14th blog of series. This blog is written by Mr. Rizwan Abbas. Please read this blog and provide your comments.

Nothing is Impossible and not for granted.

 In my view a person is himself responsible for the making his life either easy or otherwise.

Life demands more hardships. At most times, joyous moments are far and few. One tends to feel more depressed when thinks about such. I read it in books that one should live his or her life without searching happiness or satisfaction. We, being Muslims should know the basic reality that if we live in accordance to teachings of Islam, not only we shall be able to live happily here but also that bring us success in life hereafter.

Being human comes with a default physiological framework of demanding good to better to best than to being satisfied with the current belongings and blessings. If we are able to keep out mental state stable and grateful to God, we may even keep our demands and wishes well under control and under manageable proportions. Libraries of this world are full of books which try to provide us the definition of Happiness but once again if we keep ourselves connected to basic teachings of Islam, we would be able to understand this and even achieve this is tangible form.

We sometimes mix our dreams with our real lives. It is the most fatal mistake. Dreams should only provide us the ultimate objective and ambition, but in real life, we need to put in all the hard work, dedication and efforts to achieve that dream. It is called Chasing the dream with feet on the ground.

Another aspect which we need to understand is the part, Destiny plays its own due part in our lives as well. It is rule of Nature that a human’s destiny does not rest in the hands of any other human being. Destiny is combination two things, one is the hard work and the other is, of course Will of Allah. No one is born loser or Winner. Whatever, he does in life makes him winner or loser.

We should never grumble and only bow our head in God’s will. In addition to this, we should not wait for anything, we have to get up and start every day with a resolve to work harder than yesterday. This perseverance and resilience will bring success and harmony in our lives. We should always remember that this life is very short and we cannot afford to wait for a perfect life, we need to make if perfect ourselves.

Rizwan Abbas