This is the 12th blog of the ongoing series of KCO Blogs. This blog is written by Mr. Sami Jamal, Senior Associate of Taxation Services. Mr. Sami possesses pleasant personality with sound academic and professional background. Sami sahib has immense craving to learn more, which is in itself shows that he is keeping constant focus on his macro ambitions. Please read the following blog showing some deep insights about his progressive nature and aesthetic sense.

Time-An Immeasurable Wealth

Apart from the unlimited resources ALLAH SWT has to offer mankind for spending life, time is the uttermost key resource. More or less, each and everything associated with a person’s life (both life on earth and in eternity) has a perfect correlation with how one spends his or her time. And will ultimately be accountable for that.

This brings us to the question; how to effectively utilize your secret source of immeasurable wealth? I have developed a personal kaleidoscope to analyze this using different mirrors. Each mirror reflects different perspective explaining how to efficiently deploy your time.

I will be pleased to share this with my fellow colleagues and peers hoping it may transform their lives in the same way it has transformed mine.

Mirror # 1: A book namedBeating the Time Bandits How to Transform Time into Success, Wealth & Happinessby Mr. Robert R. Hartung.

  • Create a Time Management Portfolio (TMP) will help you invest your time wisely and create immeasurable wealth and happiness.
  • Manage your time means defining and understanding your Core Values and seeing the world through your eyes.
  • Create a clear Vision of your future so you always know your final destination.
  • Develop Short and Long Term Goals to keep you headed in the right direction.
  • Set your goals using the SMART goal setting process to ensure success.
  • You are surrounded by Time Bandits waiting to deplete your TMP unless you make steps to arrests them.

Being result oriented is the perfect strategy an individual can use to utilize his or her time effectively and efficiently. However, this strategy simultaneously depends a lot on one’s personality traits and one’s vision about their life. Some personality traits are formed as a direct result of genes transferred by their parents while the rest are formed by the combination of one’s academic and religious education, interaction with the society, life experiences and many others. On the other hand, a person’s vision about life is developed overtime and is heavily influenced by the things he or she is motivated by and personalities he or she craves to become, that is, his inspirations and finally the line of work he or she is in.

Mirror # 2: Belief and Occupation

Our religion, Islam, encourages humans to care for time, to utilize it wisely and not to waste it and to benefit from it. Besides, it holds them responsible for their time. Secondarily, our profession, accounting and the associated training we got, demands us to timely process the information and to use our knowledge in the best way enabling users to make more informed decisions in a timely fashion.

Mirror # 3: Aspiration and Inspiration

The combination of aspiration and inspiration allows a person to follow his own heart and follow a proven success path laid by the stupendous figures he or she has looked upon during his or her lifetime. The personalities which always has and always will continue to inspire me are of Respected Sir Sharif ud Din Khilji and Respected Sir Assaad Ismail. Perfect balance of religious, technical and people handling skills continue to make them stand out and act as a fatherly figure for students like us who want to shine bright like shooting stars in the sky.

Peace and Blessings,

Sami Jamal