Federal Board of Revenue has issued Circular No 06 of 2019 (ref: C.No.2(1)Contd/I.Tax/2018 on July 2, 2019). This Circular states that the following


  1. FBR has issued this Circular in continuation with Circular 6 issued yerterday and now extended the opporunity of filing of returns to those persons who wish to file the Revised Income Tax Returns. The new date however remained the same i.e. August 02, 2019.


  1. 2. FBR has extedned the date of filing of Income Tax Returns/ Statements for Tax Year 2018 of Individuals/AOPs and Companies up to August 2, 2019

Please click below to read the entire Circular. For the ready reference purpose the Link of Circular 6 is also appended below


I: Circular 7: 2019721273129322CircularNo.7of2019dt2.7.19

II: Circular 6 https://khilji.net.pk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019712073151974CircularNo.06ITdt1.7.19.pdf


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