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Sales Tax General Order

Introduction   Federal Board of Revenue (Inland Revenue Policy Wing) had issued Sales Tax General Order No. 1 of 2020 dated January 16, 2020, in order to remove difficulty arising from insertion of new sub-section in section 73 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 through Tax Laws (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 2019.   Commentary   The [...]

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FBR Information

INTRODUCTION Federal Board of Revenue issued Informative Circular, wherein it has condone the time limit for filing of Annex-H for the tax period of July 2019 and August 2019 up to February 15, 2020. Annexure - H: In Sales tax return Annexure H is a summary of stock (i.e. details of opening, closing stock, stock [...]

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KCO Newsletter December 2019

KCO December 2019 Newsletter

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Tax Laws 2nd Amendment Ordinance 2019

2020111912045706TaxLaws(SecondAmendment)Ordinance,2019 (1) KCO50 Commentary (Jan 2020)

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FBR Circular


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SECP Notification

SECP vide S.R.O # 1566(I)/2019 dated December 18th 2019 has specified that Rs.500 million (five hundred million rupees) shall be the Minimum Amount of Paid-up Capital for Incorporation of a Corporate Restructuring Company. LINK OF DOCUMENT Notification under Section 17 of CRC Act - Minimum Amount of Paid up Cap.. For any further details please [...]

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SECP Regulations

SECP Vide S.R.O. No. 1619 (I)/2019 dated December 26th, 2019 made amendments in the Public Offering Regulations, 2017, (afterwards referred as the “Regulations”). Amendments mainly relate to the followings: - Amendments in General Conditions for Public Offer of Securities Amendments in Conditions for Public Offer of Shares Amendments in Conditions for Offer of Shares through [...]

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SECP Notification

SECP REGULATORY SANDBOX GUIDELINES, 2019 SECP issued Regulatory Sandbox Guidelines 2019, afterwards referred as “Guidelines”, is a tailored regulatory environment for promoting innovation and are applicable to new products, services or business models which have not been addressed under existing laws and regulations or existing regulations do not fully address the solutions. Therefore, in order [...]

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SECP Circular

Circular No. 16 of 2019 dated December 05, 2019 is issued by Company Law Division, Corporatization & Compliance Department of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) seeking attention of the organizations licensed under Section 42 of the Companies, Act 2017. i.e. PRIOR PERMISSION TO RECEIVE FOREIGN FUNDING/DONATIONS SECP emphasized by notifying that certain companies [...]

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KCO Newsletter November 2019

In continuation of our regular practice, we are pleased to present and publish our Newsletter for the month of NOVEMBER 2019. Please click on link mentioned below to access and study the Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants Newsletter (NOVEMBER 2019) KCO November 2019 Newsletter This Newsletter envisages following aspects: • COMMENTARIES OF SELECTED CASE LAWS [...]

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