Following is the last blog of Season 1 of KCO Blogs. This blog is written by Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed, Audit Associate. Please read this blog and provide your valued comments.

“I can do things you cannot, You Can do things I cannot, Together we can do great things” –Mother Teresa

Team- when one person cannot accomplish a job alone and several individuals must cooperate to fulfill a mission, you need a team. The better the cooperation, communication, and coordination among team members, the more efficient the team.

You have to build a team in which you have to know about the individual’s skills and abilities, Strengths, Weaknesses, blind spots and also know about that what the team needs to do with Match talents to team purpose. There is also a condition the team for the work that coach individuals and the team, Monitor the team conditions.

There are such tips for successful team building are,

Clear Expectation, Context, Commitment, Competence, Charter, Control, Collaboration,

Communication, Creative Innovation, Consequences, Coordination and Culture Change.

There are few ways mentioned below which make a team works in effective and efficient manner.

Teams initiate change Often those at the top of the organization are challenged by what changes are necessary within an organization. Teams provide a valuable source of feedback.

Teams are natural problem solving devices team, members encounter problems and challenges in early stages and are able to head them off with greater A team setting opens up new communication lines. Because of the necessity of communication within an efficiency and success.

Teams are collections of the organization’s best assets Each team member has specific talents.

By combining individuals in team fashion, all of these talents are joined to work toward a common goal.

Zeeshan Ahmed