The voyage, which was commenced last month will move further ahead. We are pleased to present and publish our Newsletter for the month of February 2018.

This Newsletter will cover following Four (04) aspects:

  1. Commentary of Court (s) Judgements on Cases pertaining to Taxation Matters.
  2. A special supplement provides information in a simplified manner of the recent country by country reporting requirements
  3. Summary of Notifications / Circulars being published and circulated during previous month.
  4. Miscellaneous pieces of information.

It is extremely imperative and essential to mention here that the only purpose of this document is to provide updated information to our clients about recent circulars/ notifications issued by various authorities during this month and also to provide our clients with information on latest useful decisions of appellate courts. The information provided in this document should only be used in conjunction with professional opinion from tax/ legal advisor and checked for updated position of law. This document as a whole or its any part should not be reproduced in any form without prior written approval from Khilji & Co. This newsletter is distributed free of cost to our clients only.  Our comments above are based on the relevant laws, regulations and rulings in effect and available in the public domain as of the date of our note. The tax authorities can change their view and position on certain issues, whose impact may be retroactive and there is no guarantee that the Pakistan tax authorities will, or are under any obligation to accept our views. We undertake no obligation to advise you of any subsequent changes or developments that may affect our comments or  any matters set forth herein. Any changes by the authorities subsequent to the date of this email may affect the validity of the comments.  The attached document is not intended to be a formal opinion of tax consequences, and, thus, may not contain a full description of all of the facts or a complete exposition and analysis of all relevant tax authorities.  As such, the use of certain words such as “should, would or will” is merely for grammatical convenience, is not intended to indicate a specific level of authority regarding a particular issue, and no explicit or implicit inferences should be taken there from.

We humbly request our readers to please provide us the most valuable comments to make this more informative and useful. It has always been a pleasure to be of service to our clients.

KCO Newsletter Feb 2018