Sindh Revenue Board issued notification SRB-3-4/36/2020 dates December 30, 2020 to extend the period of exemption earlier granted vide notification SRB-3-4/3/2016 of Feb 26, 2016.

Through notification SRB-3-4/3/2016 of Feb 26, 2016, SRB exempted the whole of the tax leviable on the services, listed below, as are provided or rendered by registered persons (duly registered with SRB and holding SRB registration number) to such of the coal mining companies and coal-based electricity generation companies as are, located with the Thar coal field region and are also duly recognized by the Energy Department, Government of Sindh, for this purpose.

The above sales tax exemption was limited till 30 June 2020. Now vide notification dated December 30, 2020, SRB has extended the said exemption period till 30 June 2025.