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Poor Translation – Words, without power, is mere philosophy

This effort is to feel the expression of the wise words which behold something larger in context and gigantic world in it. I shaped this doodle dossier as per my short sighted thinking which wants to envisage the broader fields by reenacting any part of this saying: “Look at the evils of the world around you and protect yourself from them. Our teachers give the entire wrong message to our youth, since they take away the natural flare from the soul. Take it from me that all knowledge is useless until it is connected with your life, because the purpose of knowledge is nothing but to show you the splendors of yourself.”

The teachings of Allama depict the contemporary environment which holds stipulated gesture that is scorching away the living standard, character and collectively affecting the Ummah. The neglected demon resides on the shores of idol mind which pose the loner to liberty of thoughts as mentioned again in a quote: “People who have no hold over their process of thinking are likely to be ruined by liberty of thought.”

This liberty is a daunting evil bewildering the responsibilities as a constant enigma and keeping an eye shut to surrounding will surely grab us. As what goes around comes back around with such a thrust that only resentment will be the last resort. The soul which was filled with zest and search now squander around the lust of skeptic self of liberty. As if I have no problem than why I should care around me, this no go area defined our boundaries which were once limitless. We should lay off our prejudices and false pride to think about the bigger collective picture as we are destined rulers of the world. Leading our and other lives around as purposeful with allied vision is thousand fold ambient rather than forsaken pie that rot around without any benefit along with complementary stink. The natural flare is waiting for a medium to osmosis and we on the higher solute concentration are likely to embrace what we’ve lost somewhere.

And on top the grim reaper took us in the form of those shapers of the society which were pursuant to own self and they sufficed the whole generation by intoxicating the blood via individuality injections. The translation of this pumping made us numb towards ourselves, as we forgot the righteous paradigm of existence and this knowledge was not uploaded in our systems. The right to know remained but searchers flew away from the course and hence remained unknown from the known self. The known self’s connection should be embarked to realize our weakness into strength for seizure of every opportunity that the destiny upholds. I pray that this obnoxious sleep pass by and swirl those spells away that made the bearer intoxicated. I have mass noun flaws in my cup to hold the valuables which are destined for me prodigal to desires.

Awais Mumtaz