The following blog is the latest one from the series of KCO Blogs. This blog is authored by Mr. M. Wasim Roshan, Senior Tax Associate.

Out of all blogs, this is slightly different and must admit a well written piece.

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Autumn and winter are the seasons which I like the most. Mostly because I can resonate my personality with these seasons. Staring from November till Mid of February.

I not being a poet or a perfectionist try in following lines will try to describe my feelings in truthiness.

In these days, when there are only few leaves left on branches of trees and much more than those can be found around them. They are so less in number that the sunlight which other cannot cross them makes every leaf shinning like glowing gold.  On careful observation, I see few scattered light bulbs glowing and doubling the brightness of sunlight.

In literature, this particular scene reflects the sadness rather than any other feeling. However, in my view this becomes a source of motivation that the times like this usually come in every body’s life, when even the strongest people (in this case the old and green rich trees) tend to lose their beauty and strength. But if we keep our patience in place then these times do not last long.

Another aspect, which I link with this season is flow of ideas which mostly gather more pace in Autumn. More I feel the coolness of this season, more I am able to sink myself into imaginations with this comes few of the ideas which I take as treasure for me.

Lastly, the transformation of colors amazes me a lot. Staring from first day of the eleventh month of one year to the last of the third month of next year. Nature bless us with many colorful images, which no imagination can paint on any canvas. In modern days, we can see more than million colors alone in our android handsets but the variety of colors which are available in open fields and forests can never match the earlier in any form or the other.

These colors also teach us that once we fight to live with the adversity and tough periods with patience and resilience, Allah bless us the return of good days. The days which have colors and the days which are lengthier than the nights.

I hope all of you would not found something to learn even from the weather.

Muhammad Wasim Roshan