This is today’s edition of blogs written under the current series of blogs. The author of this blog is Mr. Omar Rafeh Chughtai, Internal Audit Associate. Please read this blog and kindly appreciate effort of Mr. Omar Rafeh.

Along with hope, patience is also extremely important. Our religion Islam also preaches it. Patience is mentioned a lot of times in Quran and the following is the most pertinent quote

“indeed Allah is with those who patiently endure” (8:46)

The main cause of the most problems and wars in the world is impatience which is being practiced by everyone. Before starting my argument, I do understand that to remain patient in most of the situations is definitely a hard expectation.

We should just think about any problem in your life and think what being patient could do. Whether it is our work or our personal relationships, everything requires patience. There are many problems which arise from time to time can never be solved or eradicate by any of our actions. For example, a job interview is scheduled on Skype and the submarine cable which provides our country the internet cuts. Result, the interview could not be held and job lost. What a person can do other than to be patient

Imam Ali also said that “everything comes at its appointed time.

Patience means to be ready to face adversities and in many cases undergoing suffering in order to achieve a desired aim. Many people want success but they want it in an easy way. Such people are not ready to sacrifice time and effort so naturally they give up quickly and accept defeat. Being patient is necessary to achieve a target because it is the nature of things and the law of time that you can immediately reap what you have sown

I have been an impatient person for the most part of my life and due to this reason alone I have faced serious setbacks in both my personal and professional life. Most of those were not influenced due to any significant errors or blunders. I would like to thank of my senior colleagues for listening to my problems and most importantly for highlighting this flaw in my personality and guiding me in the right direction which started by being patient. I am still learning to be and remain patience because there is always room for improvement.

I urge my fellow colleagues and respected readers of this blog to please take a minute from their otherwise busy schedule and try to embrace this virtue of patience with firm and relentless faith in Allah Al mighty and success will come Inshallah.

Omar Rafeh Chughtai