The following is fresh edition in the current series of KCO blogs. This blog is written by Mr. Waheed Ahmed, Tax Associate. Please read the following blog which gives Waheed Sahib’s opinion about success.

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” ( Thomas Jefferson)

We need to work hard & smart to become successful in our lives instead of adopting and finding the shortcuts, because at the other side both time and success are found wanting.

There will be many people who will tell you that you will never, or simply cannot, achieve your dream. They are the 80% of people who once had a dream but have now settled for something less. They are the children who once stood in line at school, believing they would one-day become pilots, doctors, actors, singers, ballerinas, missionaries, air-hostesses and so on. But their experience of life gradually ground them down and their dreams were reluctantly put away. Those dreams still live somewhere, deep down within their hearts, but they no longer believe that they are achievable.

Here I’m going to write down few keys to become a successful in our life.


It is a strong belief in something without proof or evidence. First of all, being a Muslim we believe in oneness of Allah, we believe that there is only one creator and Harzat Muhammad Mustafa (Peace be upon Him) is the last of the messengers of Allah.  Once we believe in above we should also keep our faith firmly intact that whatever is done with fullest of honesty, dedication and continuity, success will be rewarded.


Nothing happens unless first a dream“. We need to know with clarity that what actually we need to achieve in short, medium and long term. This is extremely important because, we cannot expect a refrigerator to provide us the hot baked food which otherwise can only be done through a microwave oven.


It is nothing but natural that if a man desires to achieve his/her goal with maximum commitment and dedication. The same goal eventually turns into passion and with further efforts it become an out and out obsession.


No journey is this universe is without problems, hurdles and disappointments. It is on the traveler to keep on moving ahead and overcome any that comes in the way. No success has ever achieved without enduring bruises and injuries.


We should not take anything for granted. It means we should able to acknowledge whatever we get with open mind and heart. Foremost, we should keep on looking around us and should always remain greatly thankful to God for all the blessing. Next we should be thankful to those who help us through. Finally, we should also be thankful to those who discourage you because it was their discouragement which provide the instinct to show them your real metal.

Waheed Ahmed