Federal Board of Revenue has issued following notifications ref(s) as stated below wherein respective subjects are being addressed. Please click on each of the links mentioned below each reference to read the individual SRO.

All the SROs will be effective from July 1, 2018.

SRO ref: 781(I)/2018, dated: June 21, 2018:  Amendment in SRO 495(I)/2016 dt 4/07/2016


SRO ref: 780(I)/2018, dated: June 21, 2018:  Amendment in SRO 648(I) / 2013 dt 9-07-2013


SRO ref: 779(I)/2018, dated: June 21, 2018:  Rescission of Specific SROs


SRO ref: 778(I)/2018, dated: June 21, 2018:  Rescission of SRO 962(I)/2015 dt 30-09-2015


SRO ref: 777(I)/2018, dated: June 21, 2018:  Amendment in SRO 1125(I)/2011 dt 31/12/2011


SRO ref: 776(I)/2018, dated: June 21, 2018: Rate of 0% sales tax on import of 200,000 PMT Potato for the period 5.5,2014 to 31.07.2014


SRO ref: 775(I)/2018, dated: June 21, 2018: Amendment in Sales Tax Special Procedure Rules, 2007