Federal Board of Revenue issued Notifications ref: SRO SRO 1301(1)/2018 and SRO SRO 1302(1)/2018 dated October 29, 2018.


SRO 1301(1)/2018

The said SRO supercedes the SRO 116(1)/2015 dated Feb 9, 2015 and specifies the functions, powers and jurisdiction of the Directorate General, Intelligence & Investigation-IR and its Officers.

SRO 1302(1)/2018

The said SRO states the Director General, Directors, Deputy directors and Assistant Directors of the Directorate General of the Intelligence & Investigation-IR.

The above mentioned SROs have been issued in terms of Section 30A(1) of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

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SRO 1301(1)/2018: 2018102919102926320SRO1301-2018-ByDesignation

SRO 1302(1)/2018: 201810291910173613SRO1302-2018-ByName