Federal Board of Revenue issued two (02) Notifications ref(s): SRO 1267(1)/2018 dated October 16, 2018 and SRO 1268(1)/2018 dated October 16, 2018


SRO 1267(1)/2018 dated October 16, 2018

SRO 488(1)/2004 dated June 12, 2004 specifies the goods that need to be supplied only to the Sales tax registered person, otherwise no input tax will be claimable in respect of those suuplies. Now vide the attached SRO, “unmanufactured tobacco” has also been included in the list of said goods at serial number (bc).

SRO 1268(1)/2018 dated October 16, 2018:

The attached SRO rescinded the SRO No. 1150(1)/2018 dated September 18, 2018 (attached) that states prescribes the fixed rates of FED on production of cigarettes at fixed quantity. The said notification was not needed once the same rates have been introduced vide Finance Supplementary (Amendment) Act, 2018.

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  1. 2018101616103622107SRO1267(I)2018
  2. 2018101616103919656SRO1268(I)2018