The Federal Board of Revenue issued circular C.No.3 (5)ST-L&P/2019 dated October 21, 2019 to explain the procedure for issuance of refund payment under FASTER refund module.




Through this circular the Federal Board of Revenue is clarified that the refund will be processed on the basis of entries reported in Annex-H.


The exporters facing some difficulties in filling Annexure-H and also requested to allow to revise their sales tax returns because entries in Annexure-F doesn’t match with that of Annexure-H.


The Federal Board of Revenue further clarified that the claimants are advised not to revise the returns but to submit Annexure-H if not already submitted and FBR further advised the field formations not to draw an adverse inference if Annexure-F doesn’t match with Annexure-H where returns submitted already.