This is first of of the blogs which would now become a regular part of our activities which would enable every team member to express himself for our Facebook, LinkedIn and Website Followers throughout the Globe.

It is just appropriate and suited to the occasion that Mr. Sharif Uddin Khilji, FCA, the Chief Executive of Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants has taken lead of this as well. This blog is fundamentally a tour into the History of this organization. For all times to come the following Blog will provide the readers an honest and fair view from Captain of the Cruise, which would eventually become a source of aspiration for many to come.


I started my business in 2014 with the vision of most team friendly chartered accountant firm in Pakistan. I always had a firm belief that if my team is with me I can conquer the world. When I started I barely had funds to run my kitchen for two months only and practically no clients. I was provided free space, a table, chair and necessary amenities by a friend in his office and another friend offered me to teach classes in his academy so I could at least earn enough to run my kitchen. The things slowly started to move and when I hired my first team member I remembered my belief and offered him the best salary package I could.


I always believed that the team needs financial rewards and emotional rewards both at the same time and I always tried to ensure both. So I not only tried to pay the best pay packages but I also tried to hold regular private sessions with each of my team members to listen to their personal problems and solve them with the best of my abilities. The team responded with same love & affection resulting in client satisfaction and business profits which were shared in the form of bonuses with all of them. The belief proved to be true; we are now among the fastest growing CA firms with a team bond so strong that that one can only imagine and I would like to quote just one recent incident.


Last month one of our team members became a father for the first time. His family is in a faraway city therefore he needed around a week’s leave. He thought that due to return filing workload pressure his leaves would put extra pressure on other team members therefore he did not even inform anybody about the birth of his first child. He kept working normally and once the season was over, only then he informed us. We were all happy for him but at the same time I had very mixed feelings of being proud and embarrassed at the same time. I was proud of the team bond but I was embarrassed that my team member could not share one of the most joyous family moments with his family. When I asked him that why he did not inform me his words almost made me burst into tears, he said “Sir, I knew you will force me to go home and I did not want to leave you in the battlefield”.  My belief got stronger; with my team I can conquer the world IN SHA ALLAH. Hussain Mehmood sb, this is for you, thank you very much.

Sharif Uddin Khilji, FCA.