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Self-motivation is a phenomenon by which a person keeps himself motivated at all times despite facing the challenges that come to one’s life helplessly. A person should be motivated enough to face a challenging and tough life knowing the art to overcome these challenges. By going through hardships and difficult experiences we build up enough strength to face next more difficult event of our life. It can be viewed as sign of success to come out of an awful time feeling braver, stronger and committed to take on the next challenge. No matter what happens in one’s life, everyone has a courage to go ahead. Those who get through difficult experiences develops a greater ability to face difficulties.

In my opinion the factors that help to develop self-motivation are:

Self-confidence: Self-confidence enables us to set high goals and bench marks.

Optimistic Attitude: Optimistic Attitude serves best in achievement of these goals.

Focus: Focus makes it feasible to achieve these goals.

Self-motivation doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Difficulties came, no matter how hard we try to keep them away from our life, because they are a significant part of our life, success and failure, happiness and sadness, rage and peace. After all the worst experiences, a more kind, more patient and less judgmental behaviour rises that makes us better able to manage difficulties.

Muhammad Basir Dawer