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Private Company Registration Process in Pakistan



The process of incorporating a company in Pakistan is simple, online (offline application process is also available) and take 2 to 3 working days, depending upon the type of Company, one intends to incorporate in Pakistan and comprise of following steps. For details on each step please read through the SECP User Guides.


Step 1 – Creating User Profile over eservices


Every person, both Pakistani National and Foreign National, who intends to register / incorporate company with SECP in Pakistan, has to create his / her profile over eservices portal. Data required for creation of profile for Pakistani National is Scan Copy of CNIC and for Foreign National is Embassy Attested Scan Copy of Passport & Picture.


Step 2: Company Name Reservation


Check the availability of your proposed name here on SECP’s Company Name Search.

After creation of profile, only process available for you would be Company Name Reservation. At-least three names are required to be proposed and proposed names should represent the principal business activity of the company.


Step 3: Submission of Company Incorporation Application


After reservation of name, application for incorporation may be submitted with SECP, giving details of Registered Office of the Company, Amount of Authorized Capital, Amount of Paid up Capital, Name of Shareholders, and Name of Chief Executive Officer and Directors.


This concludes Company Incorporation Process as upon acceptance of application, certificate of incorporation can be received from Company Registration Office.


Requirements for Shareholders and Director with respect to type of Company:


  • Private Limited Company needs at least two shareholder, two directors and CEO appointment.
  • Single Member Company needs one shareholder, one director, CEO Appointment and nomination on behalf of Shareholder.




Documents Required for Application for Incorporation


  • Approval of Name Reservation.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association, formats for each business sector are available at SECP Website.
  • Scan CNICs of Shareholder, Directors, CEO and CNIC of Nomination on behalf of shareholder in Case of Single Member Company.
  • Where the shareholder is non-natural persons, the requirements are extensive as for foreign company statutory documents duly attested from Embassy are required along with Board Resolution.


Reference: Companies (Incorporation) Regulations, 2017



Muhammad Wasim Roshan

September 24, 2020


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