This is the 8th blog of the current series of blogs. This blog is written by Mr. Anwar Ahmed Gondal Assistant Manager Internal Audit. Although the topic and contents of this blog are simple. However, there is an emotional angle which is particular to this w.r.t to its author. Team KCO prays for the Maghfirat of recently deceased father of Anwar Sahib and we request our respected readers to please remember him in prayers.


Most of the times, we do not give due value and respect to our parents. This particular feeling tends to pinch us even harder when we lose wither or both of them.

“Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving.”

Parents are the backbones to our lives. They encourage us to reach our destination. They help us, support us, motivate us. When no one believes us even though we ourselves they do. Their love is everlasting and very precious.

I came to know this things when I myself became an parent. The parental love is selfless. The height of mountain can be computed but the love of father cannot be, the depth of an ocean can be measured but the love of mother cannot be.

It is one very simple understanding of our lives that the energy of our bodies and strength of our muscles actually comes from those of our parents. There is no better feeling for an individual to stand opposite to mirror and notice the similarities with his/her father or mother.

They are true blessings of ALLAH almighty. We cannot thank ALLAH enough for this blessing. A person is nothing without his parents without their prayers. A child after birth is known by his parents they make him a person to live in the society.

Life is a bumpy ride, it is bed of thorns not roses. I have also faced difficulties but with my parents I never realized. Now, that I have lost this precious blessing of ALLAH, I realize things are way difficult. Parents overcome their needs just for the sake of their children. We realize when they are gone. I love my parents very much. I really miss them well I pray to ALLAH almighty to grant my parents higher ranks in Jannah (AMEEN).

It is also crude fact that the part of our lives, which we live under the watchful and caring eyes of our parents remains the best part.

Goodness towards parents is the greatest obligatory act.”

I urged all the young people to please value your parents and respect them always. There is no better thing than to be with them at their old age and I also request them to please recite the prayer (dua) after each namaz “O my Lord! Mercy both of them as they had adopted me in childhood”

Anwar Ahmed Gondal