This is the 6th of the ongoing series of blogs. This blog is written by Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan, Manager Audit and Assurance. Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan is most perhaps the coolest person in our form. He is a perfect example of famous saying that the people belonging from rocky mountains often have most calm and serene heads on their shoulders. Please read his blog below to understand more about the Cool Khan.

No Jumping towards your goals

A young man once came to a venerable master and asked, “How long will it take to reach enlightenment”.

The master said, “Ten years”.

The young man blurred, “So long”.

The master said, “No I was mistaken, it will take you twenty years”.

The young man asked, “Why do you keep adding it”.

The master answered, “come to think of it, in your case it will probably be thirty years”.

The above passage was taken from an article of Philip Kapleau. The target which one can achieve in 10 years through normal course and you want to achieve it in 10 days, it means you want a short cut or want to shorten the journey by jumping towards your goal and jumping in fact lengthens the journey towards your goal.

One who tries to jump and use any short cut towards the goals always land in trouble instead of achieving the target. As a result, he further moves away from his set goals. Instead of going forward, he leaps back and as a result wastes his time and resources and involves himself in more trouble.

Delaying any work or process is as wrong as forcefully trying to get it done. Every work or task requires a certain level of time for completion and a worthy task is one which is completed in its within due time. If delaying a task is lethargy, then rushing and jumping to complete the mission is impatience and both are unable to achieve the desired results.

The above phenomenon is well truly intruded in our society as well. We, as singular society wants to attain enormous things in a matter of very less time. We mostly do not understand the natural course and wants to build “Rome in one day”. Out of many other reasons, this is also one which plays its part in slow progress of our society and country. There is no natural resource which is unavailable to us, yet we cannot able to utilize them adequately.

There is always a thin margin between being lazy and being over efficient. One has to maintain that fine difference to become effective worker. Any natural growth if taken on speedier path can transform into a horribly shape. For once we need to understand the natural course of events. One should keep the belief firm but should not try to jump too high. As it said Everything valuable takes time, there are no overnight successes.

Ahmed Yar Khan