This is the 4th part of our Firm’s ongoing series of Blogs. This blog is written by Mr. Hussain Mehmood Asif, Manager Taxation and Corporate Services Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants. Mr. Hussain Mehmood has immense knowledge of his field. As a person, he is easily the most resilient member of our Team KCO. His sense of humor is second to none and he is an embodiment of thorough Gentleman. Please read the following blog to know more about the creativity of our Hussain Sahib.


Allah has mentioned in Holy Quran “And that the man will not get but what he endeavors.”

As matter of fact, this verse alone possesses the priceless secret / key to success for entire Mankind. Let us try to explore into the oceans of these words. While keeping our firm belief on Allah Almighty, we should maintain our ourselves in a way that the energy for striving should not be dropped at any time and under any given circumstances. These meanings can also be more clearly grasped when we read them this “God helps only those who help themselves”.

The above verse can be ably understood when we read the eternally sacred sayings of Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him) i.e.  said “The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.”  Therein the “Intentions” actually means hard work and struggle. Irrationally speaking, just sitting idle and saying “If luck willing, I will get my desire” is not the right approach.

We as Believers of Islam must understand that success comes only to those who do hard work and do not get perturbed by the forthcoming results. Life, after all is about continuous struggle. Right from the infancy to the very end, a human being irrespective of gender or any other classification must keep on moving ahead. Stagnating at one-point means “Death”.

Days, weeks and years, which we put in as strugglers will only be cherished by us whenever our desired success embraces us. The well-known saying “action speaks louder than words” it does not make any difference what you say. What matters is that what you do. It is the differential quality and attribute of all successful people in this Universe that they do blame luck for their periodic failures, instead they actually become architect of their luck and craft it through their continuous hard work and undeterred dedication. We must not lose the true spirit of hard work and consistency of struggle because through them we can create our own destiny.

All words in this world are part of fiction unless, they are being appropriately personified. There are many people whom I have met over the course of my smallish life, from whom I attain inspiration. However, it would be a matter of sheer pleasure for me if you ask my readers to look into the personality of Sharif Uddin Khilji sahib. The person who is not a boss to me, he is my mentor, my teacher and above all my inspiration. I feel enormously humble and honored to dedicate this to Mr. Sharif Uddin Khilji.

Hussain Mehmood Asif