This is the next blog of KCO’s series of Blogs. This blog is written by Mr. M. Bilal Ismail, Associate Taxation Services.

Please read this blog of Bilal Sahib, which gives an emotional view of his personality.

The life is basically a combination of different personalities.

  • Someone wants to pass their life with patience.
  • Someone has to very short lifespan to get full enjoyment in their life.

I think that these are harsh words to say but it is reality that

“Today there is no difference of among the life of a human and animals”

The above statement would be difficult to comprehend for those who sees life from only one perspective i.e. “Dunyawi Zindagi”, because today a normal day of routine life comprises of waking up in the morning a person leaves his home to earn and whole day he works hard and moves from place to place only for earning bread. Therefore, the aim is only to live his life for earning and now he gets completely blind in seeking of money. Much like the animal, who moves in every morning and whole day they find the eating things that satisfy them.

The thing that differentiate a human and an animal is to maintain the religion and life at equality. Because, being Muslims, our main aim is not to server our whole day in seeking bread but the main aim is thankful to ALLAH ALMIGHTY that ALLAH bless us such great blessings. And we should not to leave our major five prayers during our working hours under any circumstances.

I think that each person would perhaps realize this statement when either he would be physically paralyzed or at the end of life i.e. old age. In my view, we should realize this in our young age so that we should not be lamenting on time which we passed while doing everything but this.

A successful person, in my view is who carries forward their life with the great blessings of the religion.

There is another aspect which is extremely important in our lives which Allah The Almighty has blessed us and that being our parents. There have been many event in our lives which come and go but if I am to single out one event of my life, and that would be December 14, 2017 when my most loving and caring mother heaven for eternity. That day and all days thereafter may be full of happiness and joy and none will be able to fulfill my happiness because I cannot even afford to think my life without my mother.

Though, the deprivation is permanent, however, the lessons and the teaching which I was able to get my mother are priceless and as matter of fact only those at my side will Insha Allah bring success to me.

I pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY to help me in obeying the golden quotes of my mother and bless my mother eternal peace. AMEEN

Muhammad Bilal Ismail