PRA Registration

This blog is written by Mr. M. Wasim Roshan, Senior Associate Taxation and Corporate Services. Please read this blog and provide your valued comments.

 PRA Registration

Requirement of registration.

  1. Every person engaged in providing taxable service or services or pay tax under the Act is required to be registered in the manner specified in these rules.
  2. Where a person provides one or more taxable services from one or more premises and has a centralized billing or invoicing system or centralized accounting system in the Punjab, such person shall be entitled to apply for and take one registration.
  3. Where a person is providing more than one taxable services, he may make a single application mentioning therein all the taxable services provided by him and certificate of registration in such case shall indicate details of all taxable services provided by him.
  4. Where a person carrying out business of providing taxable services simultaneously in more than one province including the Punjab, such person is required to take a separate registration for the Punjab and pay tax accordingly in respect of the services rendered by him in the Punjab.
  5. Every registered person shall invariably and conspicuously mention his registration number on his invoices, bills, vouchers or other similar documents and on his correspondence with the Authority or any of the officers of the Authority.

Application for registration.

  1. A person required to be registered under the Act shall apply electronically or manually to the Authority in the prescribed Form PST–01 as appended to these rules and the applicant shall immediately be issued provisional certificate of registration.
  2. The Authority may cause further verification or inquiry to ascertain the accuracy of information or particulars declared in the application for registration for genuineness of the documents, if any, attached therewith and on completion of such verification or inquiry, it may register the applicant and issue a certificate of registration in PST-03 as annexed with these rules with specific number of the applicant in the prescribed form preferably within thirty days of application.
  3. In case of rejection, the Authority shall inform the applicant specifying the reasons for such rejection within thirty days from the date on which complete application is received in the office of the Authority.

Sanctity of registration.

  1. No person except the person to whom registration has been issued can use the registration or its number for any lawful purpose and no person holding registration in his name can dispose of his registration in any manner.

Muhammad Wasim Roshan