This bog is written by Mr. Faisal Farooq, Associate Tax Services. Please read this bog and provide us your valued comments.

Income Tax Statement Section 165

For filing income statement u/s 165 is to visit FBR portal. There are two types of portals of fbr i-e Iris and the other one is e-filing. For filing income statement u/s 165, we need to visit Iris portal i-e is

When you open the following site, there appears a Login Page, on that page we need to provide a unique login id and password. Each company and individual has its own unique login id and password through which further processing takes place.

Once you have logged in, there will appear some options at the top, in order to file income statement u/s 165, we need to click on the Withholding/Advance tax option appearing at the top. After clicking it further numerous options will appear, we need to find the option i-e 165(1) Statement of Withholding tax filed voluntarily, click on that option and there will appear a form which is to be filled accordingly.

In that form first thing which is to be filled/selected is the Period for which the income statement is to be filed. After selecting the period we need to select the month for which we are filing the statement. We need to be very careful for selecting the period details. After selecting these details a form will appear on the page, there is need to fill that form accordingly.

You will see further more five tabs, in which the first one will be the DATA, there will be certain particulars appearing in it. As we are filing income tax statement u/s 165 so it comes in the adjustable taxes. So, we need to go on the adjustable option and insert the value of salaries in the option i-e Salary of other employees/ federal government employees/ provincial government employees/ corporate sector employees u/s 149, depending on where the person is being employed. After that you need to calculate and validate the data.

After putting the data for the month, there is a need to fill the personal information i.e one’s CNIC details,  that there appears a verification icon  and it will ask for a PIN NO.. There is a personal pin no. of each individual or a company, you need to provide that pin. After writing the pin no. we to click the VERIFY icon, after clicking that the form be verified. After doing this we need to save the data so that the work done will not be lost.

After reviewing it properly, submit the statement. Once you have submitted the statement, it will not be edited further, so be careful while reviewing the statement.

Faisal Farooq