This is the latest blog of the ongoing KCO series of blogs. This blog is written by Mr. Abdullah Saleem, Audit Associate. Please read this blog and try to understand the this trait of Mr. Abdullah Saleem.

Humanity needs Empathy

The article is about the capacity of emotions for others. Prior discussing my topic I think there is a need to discuss human needs. Beside all the basic needs including meal, clothes and roof humans also needs the attention of environment. If we go through our people, our surrounding we notice one thing that we are dependent on one another. I am not independent I need something that belongs to someone that is the property of someone else. This is a very brief ideology in short if we go through our past from birth to present we conclude that we are nothing without others everything we have learned from others. Actually, this is what the life is. But this is all about the physical things this is all about the matter, the basic need of environment is care, they need to feel their situations from they are passing, they need to feel their emotions. This is main theme of article.

Basically Empathy is “Put your feet in other’s shoes”. Martin Hoffman is a very well-known psychologist. According to him human is born with the capability of feeling empathy.

We can learn positive things as well as negative things from environment. Positive things like being caring person help someone and negative like being selfish, leg pulling etc. Unfortunately, the ratio of this learning is negative things are highly gained by environment as compared to positive. We do not care for others, we do not feel the emotions of others, we do not want to understand the situations of others, the whole thing what we want is self. We are doing wrong with others and what we expect that we will get good. A proverb is “As you sow, so shall you reap”. What we are doing with others definitely that what we will get from others not from the same person someone else can show us a mirror. The thing we have to learn is to scarify for other. If stepping back gives something good to others we should step back. If we think about it there are so many little things that we ignored in our daily life but they can make something good for others. Build patience in yourself, be polite and try to understand the situation of others which difficulty they are facing.

The summary of all the brief is understand the emotions of people, never take any reaction without understanding the situation of other. This is the one of the best deed that don’t any caste, religion, sect etc. this is for humanity. “Do Good and have Good”.

Abdullah Saleem