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How to register online to file your Income Tax Returns

Being an income tax filer has its own benefits, and to attract greater number of people to file their taxes, the government has added even more incentives, the most notable of which has been the provision that non-filers can’t buy property valuing more than PKR 5 million.

So how can you become an income tax filer online? Follow these steps:

  1. Only an individual can register through e-filing system.
  2. The e-filing is applicable only for the filing of income tax returns.


  1. A cell phone with SIM registered your own CNIC.
  2. A personal email address belonging to you.
  3. Scanned pdf files of.
  4. Certificate of maintenance of personal bank account in your own name.
  5. Evidence of ownership of business premises, if you own a business.


  1. Visit the FBR website and open the File Returns tab encircled in the image.
  2. Click the Income Tax e-Filing through iris in the e-Filing of Income Tax Returns.
  3. You will be brought to the login page for the Iris, if you haven’t already registered, you will have to do that first.
  4. Once you click on the link, a dialog box will open where you have to provide your basic details as.
  5. When you click submit after providing the details, you will asked to verify your email address and phone number with separate codes sent to both.
  6. Once submitted again and your email and mobile have been verified, you will receive a text with your registration number, password, and pin code. You will be able to log into your Iris account using the registration/CNIC number and password. You will need the pin code while submitting your income tax returns or wealth statement, so be sure to save that as well.


You will basically have to provide a wealth statement and your tax returns to become a filer, particularly if you are a salaried individual. These will include a variety of details about your income in the past year and the various kinds of properties that you may own. The complete details for these will be provided in a separate articles soon.

Ehtisham Sohail