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 How to File a Monthly Sales Tax Return?

There are some steps to file a sales tax return in Federal board of Revenue portal which are as follow.

  1. The first is to visit the official website of FBR which is
  2. The second step is to put the user id and password of a company.
  3. After login, the windows open which shows the profile of a company in which their previously return files are visible.
  4. For filling a new sales tax return for any month, click on declaration, after clicking the tax year and months are shown in the window, select year and month for which sales tax is going to file.
  5. In fifth step click on Annexure -C, when annexure – C windows become visible then report the monthly sales by clicking on “Add sales invoice”. After adding all the sales return then click on back button to see sales tax profile.
  6. After that, click on Annexure – A, then click on search button, after clicking on search button all the purchases of the month become visible on the window, after that select all entries and go back to return.
  7. After then create a PSID which is made through e- payments in the site.
  8. After submitting PSID, then Annexure C is submitted then verify the return.
  9. After verifying return, then on below there is an option of feed CPR, then click it and attached a required CPR of a month.
  10. At the last click on the “process and submit “button then the return will be submitted.

Important periods of sales Tax Submission

  • Remember that Annexure – C is submitted first and the last date of submission of Annexure- C is 10th of every month.
  • The last date of Challan PSIDs submission is 15th date of each month.
  • The whole return submission should be submitted till 18th date of every month.

M. Faisal Farooq