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The term “Value Add” is the key concept in today’s business. We read it on company websites, in pitch presentation, tender document and business proposals etc. We should consider that “Value Add” is a thing that client expect as an integral part of our service. A real “Value Add” is providing a good service to the client and it’s very important to make sure our service level should be at least as good as our competitor. So we need to establish good procedure for client service and then use for value add to the client service.


Building long term relationships with client beyond the exchange of service will helps us to be the best service provider for their company. In order to add value to client, we need to know their business goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses. By knowing all this we’ll be able to identify the areas where we can offer added value to them. There are few ways to add value to our client and become a brand in the market. Let’s have a look down here the road map for building your own brand:

Increase Speed of Service


As we all know that peoples are impatient. They want solution for their problems immediately and willing to pay more for this.  So the first step to “Add Value” is simply to increase your service delivery speed as much as it could be. The general perception of the people is the value of your offer is directly correlated with the speed of work.


A person who quickly delivers service to client is considered to be a better and competent person offering a higher level of quality than a person who does it slowly, or whenever they get around to it.

Enhance the Quality of Services


Offering better quality service than your competitors at the same price is a good strategy to capture a large share of the market.


And remember, quality is whatever the client says it is. The quality management is to find out the needs of the client and provide them a solution faster than others.


Quality is not just about greater effectiveness or excellence in design.  Quality refers, first of all, to utility, to the use that the client needs to put the product or service.  It is the client’s specific need, or the benefit that the client seeks, that defines quality in their mind.



Your Value Proposition


While making an offer you need to consider that whole market is offering exactly the same services as yours. So the customer has left with only subjective choice and it is your proposition where you win over the whole market.


You have to impart what makes you unique, and ceaselessly work to expand that offer to separate yourself by doing the following:


  • Recognizing what you’re good at and claiming it;
  • Make your offer clear in the entirety of your interchanges;
  • Ask clients for feedback and use this to enhance your quality of service;
  • Quantify your incentive with genuine information; and
  • Communicate the advantages of your workflow process so clients will be able to see the benefits for them.




There is another way to add value is to facilitating your client while providing services. Now a day’s people are too busy they want solution for their problems without taking too much time. This could be done in the following steps:


  • Conduct your meeting using internet tools instead of physical meet up;
  • Make a comprehensive plan and share with them; and
  • Make a complete list of data you need and send it to client instead of calling them again and again.


Mostly people are emotional & can be influenced by warmly welcoming, good behaviors and providing ease to them by your organization’s representative.



At the point when you start considering speeding up at which you convey your item or administration, improving the quality, include an incentive at each phase of creation, expanding the accommodation for your clients, giving better client support, and discovering approaches to diminish the genuine cost, you will be surprised at the extraordinary number of thoughts and potential outcomes that exist around you.


Furthermore, one thought of understanding for benefiting your clients is such that nobody is as of now offering can be the starting-blocks that dispatch you into the financial achievement and accomplishment.


Waheed Ahmad

October 14, 2020

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