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The new Companies Act 2017 has brought many changes in the statute. Significant changes include: new categorization of company types, concept of global register, various changes in financial reporting requirements along with other reporting requirement and compliance requirements.

In order to familiarize professionals with changes, their impact and relevant points which must be complied with to avoid penalties and ensure effective corporate governance, we are organizing a one day workshop on November 28, 2017 at Islamabad on the new companies act. Speakers include:

  1. Amyn Malik – Partner KPMG Karachi who has been speaking to audiences across the country on the new companies act 2017 and informing businesses about key changes. Mr. Amyn will visit from Karachi for this workshop.
  2. Mansoor Khan – VP Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary at Hashoo Group; A thorough corporate affairs professionals with practical insights into the corporate matters
  3. Asad Feroze – Partner JSA Chartered Accountants – Lahore; a prominent speaker on the topic of audit related matters and related parties under the new companies act. Mr. Asad will visit from Lahore for this workshop.
  4. Murtaza Abbas – Joint Director SECP Islamabad; a prominent speaker on investors’ related matters

A representative from SECP (CRO Office, Islamabad), Mr. Sabir Khan Group Company Secretary Saif Group and Mr. Yousaf Amanat, a lawyer for panel discussion to address queries of participants along with the above speakers.

Aiming to have deliberations on practical aspects of new companies act so that participants can apply the new requirements at the work.

Detailed brochure can be accessed by click link below:

Workshop 28 Nov 2017