1. Detailed presentation by Mr. Sharif ud din, Chief Executive, Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants. On basics about tax laws relating to person, residential status, tax year and charging of tax. Basic Income Tax Laws

2. Detailed presentation by Mr. Sharif ud din, Chief Executive, Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants, encompassing salary taxation, tax credits, exemptions & withholding obligations relating to salary. Income from Salary

3. Detailed presentation of Mr. Sharif Uddin Khilji, Chief Executive, Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants regarding the Changes in Federal & Provincial Taxes  brought about due to Finance Act 2017. SK Presentation Finance Act Changes 2017 (Fed & Prov Laws)

4. Complete Lecture on International VAT Taxation in (GCC) Gulf Countries. This lecture was presented by Mr. Atiq Ur Rehman, Senior Manager Taxation and Corporate Advisory Services, Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants. Mr. Atiq Ur Rehman has extensive professional experience both on Domestic Taxation as well as International Taxation. VAT Presentation KCO (Mr. Atiq Ur Rehman)

5. Mr. Mohsin Alizai, Supervisor, Taxation Advisory Services, Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants is a CA Finalist. Mr. Mohsin has done some tremendous work in respect of preparing Mind Maps and compiling Topic Wise Past Papers of last 18 attempts of CA Final Papers. Please click below for following helping tools, which would provide adequate and ample material for students to prepare themselves for the exams.

1. IT MAC  – PAST PAPERS- TOPIC WISE (Information Technology – Management, Audit & Control)

Sr.No Topic
1 IT Management
2 E-commerce
3 Sales force automation
4 Supply chain management
7 Webtrust
8 Protection of information assets
11 Ch # 9 IS audit process and control
12 Auditing infrastructure and operations
13 Risk