This blog is written by Mr. Muhammad Nabeel Ahmed, Senior Associate Taxation and Corporate Services. Please read this blog and provide your comments.

Association of person:-  “ association of persons” include a firm, a Hindu undivided family, any artificial juridical person and only body of persons formed under a foreign law, but does not include a company;

Why NTN is required for AOP: – National Tax Number is like an identity card of a business it is used to verify the registration of a business with Federal Board of Revenue, NTN is required to open a bank account to run the business.

Documents required for Registration:- 

  1. Copies of valid CNIC of each partner
  2. Copy of Electricity bill latest paid (Not older than 3 months)
  3. Email & Mobile No (not used in any registration process) of elected partner who is appear in front of tax authorities
  4. Latter Head (Blank)
  5. Nature of Business
  6. NTN certificates of all partners
  7. Partnership Deed (Attested from Notary public)
  8. Registration certificate, in case of registered partnership
  9. Rent Agreement/ Ownership Documents of Office place
  10. Authority letter in favour of one partner, issued by all partners to authorize one partner to represent before tax authorities for NTN registration and to receive User ID, Pin and password

The above listed documents are required for registration of AOP with tax authorities. All original documents are required to bring with self, also in soft form (USB). The Authority letter is print on letterhead and get signed from all partners Furthermore there is no legal fee for Registration of AOP.

I hope that the above mentioned comprehensive procedure fulfill the needs of respected reader.

Muhammad Nabeel Ahmed